The R Star!

…nothing prepared me for the effort you put in….YOU GOT it!!!!

… because of the work you do in the harmonies, it has lifted a crap lyric to be something better than it should be. The power of the R Star!

I really appreciate your creative input. You are worth your weight in gold.

Until next time, stay strong.

Onwards and Upwards.

Ashley T.Lead and Backing Vocals for "The Great Gamble"

She Blew my mind! that’s all I have to say! This is the highest level of professionalism! Wow! this girl is an angel for real! …It’s more than perfect!

Dj Dyddau Y.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Most High"

Once again Racquel, you are so amazing. You added the flare that I needed in the ad lib’s, and the backing vox’s are so on point. You nailed it. Thanks so much for your professionalism and your dedications. I know that I’m in good hands when I send you a project.

Thanks, so much.

Tony D.Lead and Backing Vocals for "The Club is Poppin""

It’s amazing. It just keeps being amazing. All the work that you put into all these songs is incredible. I don’t know what other adjectives to use. It’s also very unique. I love the way it all comes together and blends with Chiquinho. He also loves it all. We are very, very happy…Thank you, Racquel.

Kevin B.Backing Vocals in Portugese for "Vem"

I previously had this song recorded 3 times. It wasn’t until this version that I knew I finally got the finished product, love it.

Marita R. Lead and Backing Vocals for "I'll Change"

I Love Racquel’s Voice. I like hearing it. It’s clear and sultry.

Tiffany Ann S.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Age Rewind"

As I guessed, The first version is the best. No need to try and change something so good as this take. Thank you for doing exactly what I wished for and far more.. Can’t wait to record vocals with you again in my future projects.

Tsah I.Lead and Backing Vocals for "I'm Bad Baby"

Thanks… sorry for it being a bit of a stinker range-wise, but you hit it! Good job.

Matt W.Lead Vocals for "It's Too Late"

The backing are superb and unique sounding Racquel, I love them! I love what you do in the bridge too, perfect! Many thanks, Racquel.

Jeff H.Backing Vocals for "Untouchable Boy"

Wow. Racquel really hit the nail on the head. She killed it. Its just what I was looking for. The chorus really pops. My husband was able to remember it when the song was over which he wasn’t able to do before. I thank you for your professionalism and patience with me.

You really helped me bring my song to life. I know I don’t give good direction, but I hope you wouldn’t mind doing vocals for other songs that I have in the near future. God bless.

Danielle T.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Dance You Off My Mind"

Wow, amazing, suits your voice so well, you rule, people will love it.

Chris S.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Fighting"

Very skillful and creative work – and Racquel’s got a fantastic voice.

Harald Oersted H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Touch Me"

I really like the backing vocals by Racquel, what she sings is exactly what I wanted.

Jeff H.Backing Vocals for "You're Always There"

It’s wonderful!!! It sounds very Professional!!! Great Job!!!!!!:) It’s approved!!!

Thomas E. RLead Vocal for "What a Lover"

Really, really good – thank you. It is amazing the way Racquel sings…

Harald Oestersted H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Heaven and Body"

Dear Racquel – again I’m really impressed πŸ™‚ I really like the way you make the song come alive. Perfect πŸ™‚ Really, really good.

Harald Oestersted H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Ring the Alarm"

Thank you… I never sounded so good… almost like a singer, great job!

Lenny E.Backing Vocals for "Love Comes in All Sizes"

Thanks a lot! Great performance, Racquel, as always.

Isham I.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Untouchable"

Racquel, it’s beautiful and those back-ups are other worldly…what a voice…and choir…thank you, thank you, thank you…I’m going to write you another one…again, I love it…Lenny

Lenny E.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Careful"

This is beautiful. You actually made me cry with how beautifully you’ve sung this! Thanks so much. It’s so heart felt.

Kevin B.Lead Vocals for "He's A Hard Man to Love"

Hello Racquel… Fantastic performance! I love it, I will gladly add more vocal parts and review mine according to this awesome performance.
Thank you so much!

Isham I.Backing Vocals for "Don't Even Know Me"

What we really like about Racquel is that you can always “feel” her sing. So for this song we really need to have her go all out and channel what it’s like to try to get over someone. We know it’ll be amazing regardless of any instructions because Racquel is THAT great.

LOVE this vocalist πŸ™‚

Louis R.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Get Outta My Head"

I love it, it’s perfect. The song is better than I ever imaged it could be… After hearing this, I’m having second thoughts about my simple simon song. Racquel showed out on this one! She brought the dead to life.

Marita R.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Build Me Up"

Dear Racquel: Thank you with ALL my heart for everything you have given to this lead vocal. You are amazing! Blessings… Angie

Angie Z.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Be Still"

Wow! What a lovely voice and such feeling. Please tell Racquel I love it and hope to work with her again.

Scott C.Lead Vocals for "Lydia"

Beautiful backup vocals. Love the quality of the voice and the sensitivity of the rendition.


Tad L.Backing Vocals for "Wonderland"

Racquel, I bet you make a lot of people cry. You wear your emotions on your sleeve like a badge of courage. What an honor it has been collaborating with such a dynamic vocalist and person.
Much success in all your endeavors,


Sheila K.Lead Vocal for "What Would You Do?"

Wow, really cool and perfect πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!!!!

Tommi A.Lead and Backing for "Let's Raise Some Hell"


Blake H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Waterbed"

Lovely, just perfect…

Blake H. Lead and Backing Vocals for "Frozen People"

Great job. I appreciate your constantly strong dedication to your craft.

Blake H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Rose"

That interpretation is fantastic. What is sung and where it’s sung is really great – very cleverly done – the harmonies add to the song as well.

So many good ideas – very impressive.


Mason C.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Love Comes To an End"

Very perfect. Excellent interpretation of the poem.

Blake H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "For Us All"

Holy sh-t! That was f-ing good.

Blake H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Lost Harmony"

That is brilliant – The delivery is top notch. The backing is fantastic – really adds to the song. I like the pop feel that has been created.

Thanks Racquel.

Mason C.Lead and Backing Vocals for "The One You're With"

Here at the homestead we think it’s beautiful… Please thank Racquel so much!!! It hits the right note of wistfulness and yearning.

Alexander M.Lead / Duet Vocal for "Ocean Blue"

Truly excellent. I’ll be sending u 8 more songs over the next couple of weeks to repeat this successful formula.

Blake H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "River D Harmony "

I love the vocals!!! Tell Racquel thank you very much for putting her heart and talent into this track…

Benjamin M.Lead Vocal for "A One Sided Love Affair"

That is so F’n good – just takes it to a new level.
She is brilliant.


Mason C.Backing Vocals for "My Whole Life Has Turned To Shit"

I love it ..I Iove it ,I love it,, I love Raquel, she is damn good… thanks…… new track on the way

Misha PLead Vocal for "All of Those Years"

Yes, adds a nice touch to my vocals and creates a mood which is what I wanted.

Many Thanks

Mason C.Backing Vocals for "Hell On Earth"

Thanks v much,really great job!
There’s loads there for me to experiment and I appreciate how you’ve doubled all the right parts. Harmonies and little hooks so I have a palette of your voice to choose from!
Really impressed again –

I like using Racquel. She has an awesome style to her voice and love the texture.

Really great vocals and service – thanks v much 100% spot on

Nick M.Backing Vocals for "The Kick Inside"

β€œSimply beautiful, no other word comes to mind other than awesome!

This song has a special place in my heart more so than any other song I have written. With that in mind, I deeply appreciate the feeling you put in the song…the song is better than I could have ever imagined. You really captured the song I referenced…

Even though it’s sad (the song), I find the manner in which it was sung was inspiring. actually, Racquel sounds like an angel or how I would picture an angel to sound on this song, it’s so touching and heartfelt. Thank you so much.

Marita R.Lead & Backing Vocals for "You Must Move On"

I can’t stop crying. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Oh sweet Jesus you sing like the angels. You have bathed my meager words in sublime ecstasy, Racquel!

Jay C.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Thank God For The Dreamers"

Perfect as usual! Thank you Racquel. YouΒ΄re the best singer in the world!! Love to do more songs with you.

Robert C.Lead Vocal for "Boy from Brazil"

Dynamite as always!

Chris C.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Dangerously Sweet"

Racquel’s vocals are amazing, and she always brings something unique and creative to her vocal performance. Where she sings along with me, her voice has shades of Merry Clayton from Gimme Shelter.

Mark C.Backing Get Me Out of L.A.

All I can say is I’m glad I left it up to you to come up with ideas for the backing because I never would of thought of that – that is brilliant.

Mason C.Backing Vocals for "Mr. Somebody"

Wow, wow, wow, I love this vocal. I could listen to this song all day.

Mark S.Lead and Backing Vocals for "God Is My Everything"

Fantastic – the choice harmonies are great – they suit the song. I like where they are in the song – They will sit well in the mix. I can’t fault it.

Many thanks. – quality of the sound is great.

Mason C.Backing Vocals for "Holy Ground"

Holy roller!! I love it. My gosh I get goosebumps on that last chorus every time. Not to mention the riff going into the solo section P_E_R_F_E_C_T!!!!

George L.Lead and Backing Vocals for "I Like It"

Awesome vocals and thanks so much for paying careful attention to all of the notes!

Dennis M.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Love Always"

Awesome! Racquel rocks – what a creative and well executed set of vocals. Outstanding. Much thanks!

Kelly W.Backing Vocals for "Lotto Dust"

Unbelievable!!! Home run, grand slam However you want to describe it. Thanks again, Racquel … for a job well done.

Tyrell N.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Next Time is Never"

Wow! Better than what I had thought in my mind.

Brent Y.Backing Vocals for "The Word of Life"

I love it so much! I can’t wait to hear it mixed. I really love it. So much passion. Thanks so much.

Kevin B.Lead and Backing Vocals (in Portugese) for "Auzencia"

Thank you for recording so quickly and well.
I can see why you are so popular.

Jean C.Lead Vocal for "You've Learned to Fly"

Dear Racquel, thank you so much for another excellent and such a heart-felt performance that deserves a standing ovation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best, Fatih

Faith K.Backing Vocals (in Turkish) for "Yagmur"

Dear Racquel, only one word could describe this.

Excellent – no not enough!
Brilliant! – no not enough!
Ingenious! – no not enough either!

The words are just not enough for what you have done.

But what I could do is to truly, sincerely and whole heartedly thank you, thank you, thank you.
Faith K.

Backing Vocals (in Turkish) for "Uykusuz"

Delightful. Thank you. I love the little additions Racquel added. Wow.

Mac L.Lead and Backing Vocals for "It's Not Gonna Happen"

Blow away. So much creativity here. Really great performance.
Thank you Racquel!!

Louis R.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Don't Call Me"

This…is…so…amazing. Thank you for putting the time, energy and thought into the performance. I know this is unlikely to be your fav style of music, I don’t even know if it’s my style of music. πŸ™‚ but you are thoroughly convincing and take the listener on the journey. Thank-you! I appreciate all the work you have done on these songs.

Glenn S.Lead and Backing Vocals for "The Creature"

We’re very happy with her work. We love her and wish we could give her a big hug. I knew she was going to do a great job!

Steve B.Lead and Backing Vocals for "May Healing Begin"

Beautifully perfect! Very great! Super-ly nice! Wonderfully brilliant! Etc…
Thanks Racquel!!

Kevin B.Backing Vocals for "Danca Do Amor"

Thanks Racquel for the amazing vocal performance! Great vocal technique and emotion!

Hector H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Alone"

I know you are married and have kids. I am also married and have a kid. Let’s get married anyways, ok?? :)))) I think I like it…just a lot!!
Raquel, THANK YOU!! It’s amazing. Every time.

Kevin B.Backing Vocals (in Portugese) for "Espera"

Thanks AGAIN, for carefully paying attention to my direction and taking it to a level beyond what I could have imagined!

Dennis M.Backing Vocals for "My Love Will Be Here"

Hey Racquel!

You’ve got yourself a regular customer now!! πŸ˜‰

The vocals are simply amazing and I’m happy as can be. Racquel exceeded my expectations by far! I can’t wait to send in some more songs for her to sing! πŸ˜‰

Phil H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "A Better Galaxy"

Dear Racquel – I absolutely love everything about the way you sing. Thank you so much – it’s truly beautiful. All the best, Harald

Harald Oersted H.Lead and Backing for "Right (Part II)"

Dear Racquel. What a great way to sing the song. I love it. You sang it completely different than I imagine it to be sung. Thank you very much. Great inspiration. All the best, Harald

Harald Oersted H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Poem Soho"

Racquel great job ! Its almost as if a sub melody was added, looking forward to the mix and mastering.

Robert A.Backing Vocals for "Pick You Up"

Absolutely perfect in every way! Wonderful! Thank you so much! This brought a tear to the eye …

Geir K.Lead and Backing Vocals for "When My Life is Over"

You be killin’ it. πŸ™‚ Thanks Racquel, I appreciate how you always make the lyrics sound convincing.

Glenn S.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Just Hang On"

She Blew my mind! that’s all I have to say! This is the highest level of professionalism! Wow! this girl is an angel for real! …It’s more than perfect!

Dj Dyddau Y.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Most High"

Wow wow wow! That’s really hot!
there is nothing to complain about or modify!
I’m really happy with the outcome…
I think I will do my whole album with her she’s amazing.

Dj Dyddau Y.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Presence"

Beautifully done. A perfect capture of the emotion. It makes the music track scream to be redone. Thank You.

Don C.Lead Vocal for "Without You I'm Nowhere"

Once again thank you Racquel. I am delighted with the extraordinary level of artistry and how you have managed to work so well without a guide vocal. I really appreciate the extra effort you put in to correct the line in the chorus too.

Superb, thank you Racquel. You have breathed life and character into this track.
…I will be a repeat customer!

Gary K.Lead Vocal for "This Could Be Over"


Brilliant job on this tune. You gave it a great feel and a lot of power in the chorus, I really loved the way you lifted it.

And also many thanks for getting it to me a day earlier than I expected! Like an early birthday present.

Ashley T.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Seamstress of Love"

Wow Racquel, this is terrific! Thanks so much for the effort and passion you put into my song. You owned it!

Vincent C.Lead and Backing for "Heavenly"

Beautiful! I’m so full of tears….Thanks a lot!

Michella A.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Get There Someday"


Great job – love the “nan na nna ” guitar part – it became an awesome hook in its own right!

Your diction is crystal clear, it is a wordy song and you never missed a beat…

Loved your vocals. Awesome talent. And a good sense of feeling injected into the lyric.
The ad lib bits are always the best bits for me – they are very surprising and shine new lights on part of the song – and even though I wrote it – It makes me think – “oh, that now has a different, but better, meaning”….

Ashley T.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Let There Be Mojitos"

Racquel understands the meaning that I was trying to express. Outstanding job. And I give her five stars, plus two Thumbs Up!

Tony D.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Everybody Needs A Friend"

That is brilliant! Amazing range! Brilliant voice . Thank you for this…. Looking forward to working with you again .

Panos V.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Desafinado"

Great energy…
You did a great job with the ending – and creativity.
Made it sound like a hit….thanks again. Continued success with your career.

Frank D.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Yes, It's All One"

Thanks, I really like all your vocals …also sometimes I put too many syllables but you do a good job making it sound right πŸ™‚

Maurice O.Lead and Backing Vocals for "The Vine"

Hello Racquel !!! Wowwwwwwww!!!! That is incredibly professional!!!!
You are the best singer of the world!! What an honor to work with you πŸ˜‰
IΒ΄m absolutley surprised and satisfied with your take!… Best wishes from Southern Germany to L.A. πŸ˜‰

Robert C.

What an amazing job you did. You gave life to this song more than I would have imagined, thanks a lot.
Your harmonies are stunning, really… Also thank you for your invaluable advice on backing vocals.

Philippe P.

Woah, that sounds incredible! I love it!…Thanks so much, Racquel!

Jackie P.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Mikado"

I had a few hours yesterday to work with your BG vocals on Stealing. On a scale of 1-10 they are a 20. A very stellar performance on your part breathing new life into a tired old song. Not a single issue with anything you’ve done on that song. We’ve done 7 songs together & you now have my 8th. Every song without fail has benefited from your vocal prowess. I used everything you gave me for each & every song. You are simply a gift from Heaven. Imagine the two of us bumping into each other in this BIG BIG world. Thank you for all that you do.

Terry M.

Once again I am overwhelmingly impressed by your excellent and professional performance. You are simply the best, Racquel πŸ™‚ You really gave justice to my song and the message. It is impossible for anyone to sing “Someone” better than you do.

Torgeir N.

Wow, that sounds fantastic! You really came up with some beautiful harmonies and I like it a lot. Thanks for your creative input, I really appreciate it!

I can tell you love what you do, I’m sure that’s one of the reasons it sounds so good :). I appreciate the fact that you really care about getting the best out of every song you sing. That’s rare! Looking forward to more projects with you.

Kate F.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Cracks"

Oh boy, oh boy! It’s a slam dunk…and I’m not talking about the regular ones. Your performance on this song is like a backboard breaking slam dunk where everybody needs to seek shelter because of all the tiny little pieces of broken glass all over the place. Very, very well done Racquel! I couldn’t be more pleased!

Stefan W.Lead and Backing Vocals for "From Dusk 'Till Dawn"

Oh my goodness. I LOVE IT!! I love what you added to the song and the
attitude behind it. Thank you so much. It’s perfect.

Yolanda P.Lead and Backing Vocals for "How to Love a Woman"

I had a few hours yesterday to work with your BG vocals on Stealing. On a scale of 1-10 they are a 20. A very stellar performance on your part breathing new life into a tired old song. Not a single issue with anything you’ve done on that song. We’ve done 7 songs together & you now have my 8th. Every song without fail has benefited from your vocal prowess. I used everything you gave me for each & every song. You are simply a gift from Heaven. Imagine the two of us bumping into each other in this BIG BIG world. Thank you for all that you do.

Terry M.Backing Vocals for "Stealing"

Hi Racquel!
When you said you will do your best to elevate the song, I had expectations, but you managed to surpass them 100 fold! Being an amateur composer, you inspired me to continue to learn and develop my skills! I LOVE what you have done with the vocals and the overall feel of the song and I can’t think of anything that needs modifying or changing! I couldn’t have made a better choice to hire you for this project! I think you set the bar pretty high for my singer and she has her work cut out her :)! …I will definitely need your services again very soon when the other songs are ready. Thank you again for delivering more than what I was even hoping for!

Tony B.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Running Away"

Oh dear! It’s absolutely magnificent! What a performance Racquel! Blew me off my new coyote-skin chair : ) All your minor tweaks are spot on too. Extremely well done! It’s beyond rock history. Your performance is like a brand new religion. You are so very gifted. Your voice is like the sweetest sonic sweet spot in the known universe!

Stefan W.Lead and Backing Vocals for "California Dream" from the musical RAVE

WOW, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! The harmonies sound great, and I absolutely LOVE all of the little ad-libs you added on – it really adds to the entire song! I am extremely happy with this!

Zachary P.Lead and Backing Vocals for "Kangaroo"

Once again, and maybe more than ever, the result is beyond my expectations. you’ve done an amazing job, wonderful and creative harmonies, superb lead vocals, as John Lennon use to say you’re the Toppermost of the Poppermost.
I really love, love love, now and ever the heart, the soul, the professionalism, the work you put in the realization if my song.
Thanks a lot for all of this. And of course, the next song is already in the starting block πŸ™‚

P. PerelmanLead and Backing Vocals for "Love Now"

Thanks Racquel.

This sounds amazing – the perfect vocal performance!

Thanks for all your work on this (and all the other projects you have done for me this year).

Paul H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "There Was a Love"

Oh My God! I Love It! That was nothing short of amazing!
You really pour your heart and soul into your vocal performances!
I sincerely appreciate you doing this new arrangement for me. You are so creative, your experience shines through!

Kevin F.Lead and Backing Vocals for Running Down Time

I always try to explain that to me a real artist is someone who can understand music with more depth than others. In this case Racquel, you are a real artist, because you’ve understood my song immediately. I will definitely consider you for my future projects. All the best. Blessings.

JassniroBacking Vocals for Spoken Word song "Summer Is Over"

Amazing work on this one – this was exactly the sound I was thinking of – but better!

Paul H.Lead and Backing Vocals for "As We Say Goodbye"

Bonsoir Racquel
Wow! So much ideas, so much tracks. what a great work you’ve done there’s enough material here to do 3 songs:)

Thanks for bringing so much inventivity and passion in your singing.
Now, it’s my turn to work πŸ™‚

Thanks for all,

Philippe P.Lead + Backing Vocals for "Pull Down The Moon"

I would like to highlight the magical powers of Racquel and define her an alchemist, then not just a singer but a person capable of transforming not only the songs and elevate them from a technical point of view, harmonic and emotional intensity, but also to make sense to emotional situations surrounding the life of an artist. Regarding the song “Our golden days”, initially I had my doubts on the global vocal performance for the song, then listening to the harmonies of Racquel, already from the first verse, I managed myself to fall in love with my song, and during my last trip to Barcelona, Spain, I plugged the headphones to my tablet and I did nothing but listen and listen to a song that Racquel with great professionalism has managed to set to the highest level. Thanks Racquel again, many blessings.

Best. Jassniro

JassniroLead + Backing Vocals for Golden Days

You know, after what you did on Thief in the Night, I’m thinking “It’s gonna be hard to top that performance” but HOLY SMOKES, WOW…This is so good.

…I can’t hear anything I’d change or do different. Outstanding job, Miss Racquel…

Steve B.Lead + Backing Vocals for "Girls' Night Out"

Hi Racquel,

You did an excellent job!
One final thank you. Really happy with your work.
And the recording is of excellent quality.
Once more thank you very much.
Looking forward to working with you again. Have great day! πŸ™‚

Erik M.Backing Vocals for "Everybody In The World Needs Love"

Torgeir: This is the most beautiful vocal performance I have ever heard, so much feeling and passion in your interpretation. BRAVO, Racquel πŸ™‚
Your a true genius in the field of singing.

Nard: Wow Racquel! What a beautiful job you did!! Those harmonies are incredible. Reminds of a Motown ‘crooner’ πŸ™‚

Torgeir: I fully agree with you.
It reminds me of Mahalia Jackson, Mariah Carey and Dionne Warwick, a touch everyone of them when I hear Racquel sing my song. Could it be better? No it is impossible.

Torgeir N. and Nard B.Lead + Backing Vocals for "The Words"

Absolutely amazing. You add so much to this song, and the pleasure you had singing it jumps to the ear πŸ™‚

I will listen a bit more to accurately measure all work performed but you surely did a great job once again, with a lot of creativity
while remaining in the spirit of the song, adding the personal touch that makes all the difference.
Thanks a lot for sharing your talent, I’m sure “—“, “—-“‘s son about who the song is, is gonna be proud of the result.

Have a good day.

Phil P.Lead + Backing Vocals for "Mocha"