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Music and Video go hand and hand! I want my MTV. Music Television is still a highly desired commodity. Racquel is able to deliver a music video to accompany the vocals she sings for you in order to elevate your music promotion materials, and so that you have a more complete music product to deliver to your listening (and watching) audience.

This year, Racquel has opened the Video Production branch of her available services and has worked with video production crews to develop the below videos.

Between The Dunes and I Don’t Want to Be a God come from the album Syn, by Antonio Serio. Below are the two videos Racquel produced for Serio Antonio.

Listen to the complete album Syn, written by Antonio Serio, sung by Racquel Roberts.
For the video Black Jack, from the album The Last Kakachee, after having sung the song, I was asked to play the role of Narrator, and the video is fresh out of production. Proceeds benefit the non-profit organization “End Sex Abuse“.

Black Jack Final from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.