Introducing Cleo, Captivatingly Sweet Vocalist, Age 10.

Because Music comes in All Ages.

Who is this sparkling young talent?

It is my pleasure to introduce the youngest addition to Peace Rock Studios, my daughter, 8 year old Cleopatra. Cleo is who you want to hire when your song needs the sweet charm of a a child vocalist with child-like diction, combined with good pitch. Cleo’s vocal range is best highlighted between B4 and E5.

The studio has been Cleo’s second home for her whole young life. Even as a newborn, like her big brother, Cleo was in my arms during many vocal sessions in the studio, quietly observing and absorbing the process while I sang.

Cleo’s experience with music began in my belly, listening to Mozart, and she began studying music at only 9 months old, through the playful and comprehensive high level music program called Music Together. Cleo has been playing piano since the age of 5, a student at The School of Dance and Music.  Cleopatra is a vocal student of Dave Stroud of VocalizeU in Los Angeles, CA.

2018 was Cleo’s break-out year.  She performed a cameo acting role in Antonio Serio’s music video I Don’t Want to Be a God, and she booked her first vocal job, a pitch for an international Coca Cola commercial.

Cleo enjoys gymnastics, ballet, making art, gardening and playing with our family dog, Sweetie.

A Dynamic Duo:

Cleopatra and Rameses’ voices go together like a springtime breeze through the leaves.  It’s a beautiful artful dance and we have a lot of fun in the studio creating quality music.

Cleo’s young diction, sweet tone, and keen pitch partnered with Rami’s more advanced harmonics, technique, confidence and deeper low end make this a dream pairing.  Rami and Cleo’s unique gifts blend beautifully to complete a shining child vocal sound.

Rami and Cleo study voice together with Dave Stroud, in Los Angeles, CA.

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Personally speaking:

Here is just a peek into some of Cleo’s musical journey thus far.

What they’re saying about Rami and Cleo…

There are some kids that just can’t contain their insane artistry even at a young age such as his. I have continuously seen him strive to be the best he can be during the years we have worked together… Read more
J. Sanders(Rami - Child Vocals) Lead + Backing Vocals for The Purge

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If you are interested in working with Cleo,

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