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Over the years, I’ve received a lot of the same questions from customers. Here are my answers to a few of them.

Let’s get some more questions answered

Is your vocal work Royalty Free?

Yes, all vocals performed by Racquel via this website are Royalty Free. Racquel is performing and recording vocals on a Work-For-Hire basis. There will be no future fees incurred for the use of the song recorded and all rights to the song remain those of The Client.

If Racquel has written lyrics or melody for your project, she requests that you credit her as lyricist or composer. These contracts can also be created as Work For Hire, with no future fees incurring.

How does the process work?

When you place an order through my website, Basecamp will auto-create a Project for us, so that we may communicate and share files in one central location.

You will be prompted to upload the necessary work files, I will be notified and I will download what you provided so I can create a ProTools session. I’ll confirm that I’ve got all I need to begin working, and I will provide you with an ETA for my completion of your Vocal Preview.

When I am done singing your song, I will upload the Vocal Preview as MP3 and
WAV, as well as your raw Vocals (as WAV), and you will be notified via email. If you need a Modification, I’ll perform that and then re-post the song for you to hear. When you are happy, I’m happy and we can consider the song completed.

What do I need to provide, so you can sing my song?

I will need a Vocal Sketch, an Instrumental, Lyrics, and any other instructions you would like me to have that may help me to better understand the vision you have for your project.

I find that it is often helpful if you provide a YouTube link to any songs you wish me to emulate the feel or tone of. You can also let me know who some of your favorite music artists are, or provide any reference MP3’s you think may be helpful for me to hear – while creating vocals for your song.

What exactly is included in your service?

I will perform and record awesome vocals for your project, delivering raw WAV files for you to have mixed/mastered into your masterpiece.

When can I expect my song back?

From when I begin singing your song, usually it’s 48-72 hours. I do often have a short queue of work lined up though, and your project may be in line behind another customer. When I give an ETA for your Vocal Preview, I will often pad the time with about 12 hours. In the best possible situation, I like to sing 97% of a song, step out of the studio for a few hours, and then return to your project so I may listen with “fresh ears”. This allows me to add any polish, finishing touches, and final tweeks to your song, so that it can be the best performance possible. I take pride in my work, and I want you to be happy with what I provide. Quality Control is important to me.

What is your vocal range? How do we select a key for the song?

My most comfortable vocal range is from E3 to A5 . In order to select a key for the song that you wish me to perform, Please Contact Me. Let me listen to your song, and I will figure out where the song will fit best in my voice.

I may be able to hit the notes of your song in various keys, but it is important to consider the feel of the song, the intention of the lyrics, the strength of the instrumental, and the tempo, in order to end up with the best possible product.

Tell me about your voice.

I’m a Mezzo-Soprano, versatile in style, my strengths are my range, and ability to add feeling, tone, vocal acrobatics, belting power, and believability to your song. My strength is not Opera or Classical.

Most days my vocal range is E3 to D6.
  • The bottom end is smoky sultry from E3 up to about B4, above which I can keep it smoky or use more tone, depending on what the song requires.
  • From B4 to A5 is a comfortable solid tone/belt.
  • “Money note” belt sound from A5 to A6, (though F5 to A6 is simply a place to visit, not hang out, as the ability to understand words up there diminishes a bit, since the vowels must be very open).
  • Above A6 is nice for ornamentation, oohs/aahs, or backing vocals.

I reserve 2 days of Vocal Rest per week, depending on the demand I have been putting on my voice. Every song deserves quality vocals – I’ve got to take good care of the very tiny vocal cords that are doing most of the work.


Feel free to send me an MP3 of the project you are working on, and I can take a listen to see if it’s a good fit.  Often, clients will send me a rough version of their song for key checking purposes before final instrumentals are laid down.  Approaching a song this way will get you the best result – with your song performed in the key that presents the most impactful and emotionally accurate vocal.

What Languages can you sing in?

I am open to singing any language. I have successfully produced songs in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Balinese and Arabic. With a clear phonetic example, I have been able to get very, very close to the original pronunciation.
I lived in Germany for over a year performing in the Broadway show, The Lion King. We were initially taught to sing in Deustch strictly phonetically. Singing is a “hearing art” – singing in languages other than English is simply a part of the ride.

What is your policy for singing in languages other than English?

Due to the additional time it takes me to study, and successfully reproduce a vocal in a language other than English, my fee is 50% above the rates stated on my Prices Page.

What equipment is your studio comprised of?

I record my work at Peace Rock Studios using a DigiDesign 003 Rack, a Universal Audio compressor/pre-amp, a CV12 Mic, ProTools, and a cosy rug under my toes for inspiration.

What Bit Rate/ depth do you record in? Can you record with my settings?

My default setting are 24bit 44k, which can of course be altered to your settings. Just let me know how you would like to receive your files.

What is your approach to a song?

My background and performance education is rooted deeply in Musical Theatre and Acting. Every single song I sing has a viewpoint and a character who expresses it. Mostly I will draw from my own life experiences, and experiences of those close to me in order to breathe life and honesty into every word I sing. As a Thespian, it is important to me, and I thoroughly enjoy, telling the story.

How many tracks should I purchase?

It really depends on your specific song. For pop, rock, R&B, and country songs in a style you might hear on the radio, I usually recommend 1 lead, and 3 backing, which allows room for doubles, harmony, counterpoint, and ad-libs.

For ballads, jazz or otherwise, it is possible you may only need 1 lead. You can always purchase additional backing vocals after the lead is recorded, but the best, tightest doubles and harmonies are almost always attained when recorded in the same session as the lead, because the muscle memory of the initial melody is fresh. If you think you may want some kind of backing, but aren’t sure how many tracks, ask! We can talk about it to figure out what works best for your song.

What is your refund policy?

I don’t want unhappy clients. They don’t come back! So, if it turns out that you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 90 days from the purchase date, I will fully refund the cost of your order.

What else do I need to know?

The vocals will be Hott. No worries. I sincerely care, and I want you to be happy with the work I do for your project. If in the end you aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund your

Thank you for considering me to be your vocalist. I hope we can make great music together.

Fun Fact:

Racquel grew up in Los Angeles, California, where she learned from her dad, an aerospace engineer, that quality counts. With that gem at the core of her business philosophy, Racquel has established a solid musical career as a vocalist and performer with the ability to create timeless vocals for a variety of uses.

Did I still not answer all your questions?

Send me a note and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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