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Andrei Stanciu – Lazy Band
Wake Up Album

One of the more prolific writers I’ve had the pleasure to work with, I performed vocals for The Lazy Band’s “Wake Up” album, as well as the “Dirty Martini” album. Andrei’s sense of music is high quality, intelligent, fun, and emotionally connected. I can trust that when I put my vocals in Andrei’s hands, the mixing and mastering to follow will be quality. Andrei Stanciu’s Lazy Band works are some of the best songs to come out of Romania and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do my part to help bring his music to life. Take a listen, and then buy a copy!

Jomo Boykin
GREEN The Movie

I had the pleasure of providing the vocals for the female protagonist who has a number of powerful songs in this animated film. I have always wanted to be animated, so this is such an honor for me. The cause for the movie is stellar as well.

* A powerful animated feature film about racing against pollution and hatred
* Bravely promotes sustainability, unity, and female empowerment
* The boldest and most underdog animated movie of the year
* FREEmium viewing / optional paid merchandise
* 100% soundtrack sales donated to charity
* Fearless storytelling

Watch the trailer for GREEN – The Movie

Andrei Stanciu – Lazy Band
Dirty Martini Album

Kevin Starks and Alan Haigh – Skinny Dip
Eartooth Music Production

These are two very sharp songwriting cats with keen ears and sharp wit. Skinny Dip is one of the most fun songs I’ve ever sung. Every time I hear it, it is my jam. This songwriting duo knows what they’re doing in the studio pre and post production. Proper EQ is part of their specialty and they make me sound great every time. I just gotta love that. Crank up your volume and enjoy!
Phillippe Perelman
Lucy, Racquel, and Me

Phil is so prolific!! I have sung many very different songs for my beautiful, big-hearted French friend Phil, and he’s completed the hard work of post-production, and online promotions. For videos and free listening of his work, please visit his Facebook page for his most recent album, titled, “Lucy, Racquel, and Me”

Stefan Weilander
RAVE – The Musical

Stefan hails from Sweden, and has written a modern musical where I had the pleasure of singing all of the roles! This really enabled me to utilize my musical theatre chops to colour each character with their own sound. Natuarally, when the musical is staged, it is likely that there will be an Official Cast recording, but I really enjoyed being able to help develop the character sound and flesh out the score during this pre-production phase of RAVE – The Musical.
Music by Eduard Glumov, Lyrics by Kate Northrop
Touch The Sunrise

A talented songwriting team, this songwriting pair writes music for Universal Music Group and the big screen.
Above is Touch The Sunrise, one of their masterpieces for your patiently waiting ears.
Learn more about Eduard and Kate’s works and music writing services here at SongWave. Learn about Eduard’s work here and listen to his work on Soundcloud, below.

Georg Schos

Tim Higgins – Nothing To Say
5. Extra – Character Country
6. Gossip & Lies – R&B / Rap
7. No Stranger Place – Folk
8. Good Morning Cincinnati – Radio Cut
9. Get Outta My Head – Rock
10. Birthday Boogie – Fun Bday Song
Racquel Roberts
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Andrei Stanciu
Stefan Weilander
Georg Schos
Skinny Dip

Want more? Check this video about Racquel’s Christmas Album production.