Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Wife & Mother, Advocate, Philanthropist, and Business Woman.

Music is the language of the heart, and when Racquel sings, you’ll feel it.

Who is this amazing woman?

I am Racquel Roberts, and I have been an online studio singer for hire since 2007. I have been producing professional vocal tracks since 2001. Over the past decade, through my online vocal service, I have vocally arranged, engineered, and performed vocals for thousands of songs, and hundreds of very happy repeat clients around the globe. You may also know me from my work with Studio Pros.

A chameleon of style and a master of vocal tone, I am a uniquely diverse singer, able to deliver what my clients desire in a variety of genres. Hip-Hop, R&B, country, rock, jazz, folk, EDM/electronica, broadway, and pop are all genres in which I excel. I am also quite adept at singing in various languages, and it brings me great pleasure.  I have produced successful vocal tracks in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portugese, Balinese, and Arabic. One of my passions is making great music with composers around the world.  I continue to expand my knowledge and expertise in music, engineering, languages and self mastery.

Professional credits:

My professional career began in RENT, the Tony Award Winning Broadway Rock Opera where I cut my teeth by touring the USA, Canada and Japan. I also graced the stages of the Broadway musicals Hairspray (Neil Simon Theatre, NYC) and the Deustch production of The Lion King (Der König der Löwen), in Hamburg, Germany. With my roots planted firmly in theatre, my goal of telling the honest story of each song is what makes my performances so moving.

My live performances also include singing the US National Anthem across the country, providing lead vocals for the Grammy Nominated Vocal Sensation Brownstone, The Capitalist Hippie Complex, Katisse Buckingham, Jim’s Fault, the smoking hot LA blues band Blonde Lemon Jefferson, and Carmel Helene among others.

I had the delicious and amazing opportunity to work with Nick Mancini, Jazz Composer and Vibraphonist phenom. Nick played the role of musical arranger and producer on my Christmas Album, titled The Secret of Christmas, which is played world wide every winter.

Further studio experience includes performing countless Radio Station ID packages including jingles, donuts and sweepers across the globe.

Throughout the course of my musical career, I have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues worldwide, I have made hundreds of appearances, while recording songs for my own album, and many others.

Personally speaking:

I am a devoted wife, mother, advocate for women and child survivors of sex abuse, and and I am the founder and CEO of Peace Rock Studios, as well as the music production company, Sonic Tonic Music International. I am passionate about making inspired music with gifted artists around our beautiful Earth, and I am deeply grateful for the internet, which has connected me with so many wonderful musical companions, you included.

Outside of the studio, I enjoy playing with my kids and my brilliant, sexy husband, I love running miles with my dog Sweetie, crocheting on the couch, composting for my garden, running away to the mountains, reading, and fueling my radiance with pole dancing.

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you soon!

Racquel's Favorite Charity:

End Sex AbuseI am passionate about ending sex abuses in the form of molestation and rape. Shedding light on these topics through education and prevention, instead of staying quiet, is essential in moving toward a healthier society.

With close family members of my own having survived sex abuses, I have seen first hand the damage that it can do to a person’s psyche and emotional ability to thrive. As a mother of a young son and a daughter, I am determined to help stop the continuation of sexual abuses. I am teaching my children respect for themselves, others, and how to confidently use their voices for what they believe to be moral and right.

** A portion of proceeds from music sales supports, a national, science-based, nonprofit organization that conducts research to prevent child sexual abuse and provides information to prevention organizations, agencies, professionals, and families to use to prevent abuse.

If you are interested in working with Racquel,

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