Favorite Musical Frames of 2020

By January 19, 2021 No Comments

Some of my Favorite Musical Frames for 2020:

Lots of great songs, projects, and videos came through my studio in 2020.  Here are just a couple fun musical pieces that come to mind from 2020.

This Vocal for Youthcomm Radio in Worchester, UK!  Too much fun. Thank you Chris Stevens of Ignite Jingles for creating this one for me to sing (as well as the entire radio package) … I love the fun production all over this!! And DJ Owen Lowe’s ears must sometimes start burning, because I just can’t stop singing his name at any random time.  It simply feels good! Please sing along. 🙂

Another 2020 high point? 
Revisiting RENT’s Seasons of Love for a friend and former co-worker, Christian Mena, who brought many of the cast together to sing for his daughter who celebrated her 16th birthday during Covid19 quarantine, 2020.

Songs were created in dedication to the history of the USA, and love songs to Britain, songs about politics and love, songs for new musicals, songs about our dreams vs. reality… They come in all tempos and styles.  Thank you for bringing them to my studio this year.  May 2021 hold so many more expansive tributes to life.

Stay Inspired.  It is disputed who said it, but the quote holds truth, “The Earth has music, for those who listen.”


Peace & Blessings,