Increasing Your Musical Impact

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Yes, we are change makers.

This Cryptomeria japonica is growing in project Eden Projects, Nepal. , Each lives 300 years on average and will offset 800 Kg of CO2 in its lifetime!

We write and we create, generously sharing our perspectives with the hopes of elevating someone else.  So cool.

Now, your music will go even further.  For every song or video project, a tree will be planted in your honor, to help Mother Earth, and all of its inhabitants.

The goal is to reverse desertification (land turning into dry and nutrient deficient sands).  When the Earth is greener, everything is better!  CO2 levels drop and foods are more abundant and healthier.  For a crash course on how awesome this method can work in tandem with decreasing overuse of finite resources, I welcome you to check out the documentary, Kiss The Ground.

Through the organization Tree-Nation.com, anyone can now support carbon offset by providing funding towards getting actual people into fields around the planet to put actual trees into the ground.  The project is huge and it is thorough – AND FUN!!!  You get to pick the species of your tree, and you choose the area of the world in which it is planted.  There is information about which trees are most needed, and how much CO2 each tree can offset in a plant’s lifetime.  AND THE PRICES ARE SOOOOO GOOD, by the way.

This project was started by one woman.  Her name is Maxime Renauden. Here is her story

Her non-profit is called Tree-Nation.  She is making a difference, helping others to make a difference… And now with every song you have me sing for you, you make a difference by adding one more green, huggable, breathing tree on our beautiful blue planet Earth.  Thank you.

The past few weeks’ trees were planted in celebration of musical creations for:

Latest trees planted (THANK YOU!): 
Robert C. – 6 Trees
Georg S. – 1 Tree
Marita R. – 2 Trees
Blake H. – 3 Trees
John A. – 3 Trees
Species Selected: Cryptomeria Japonica
Learn more about tree-nation’s juicy global plans and big impact, and view my growing forest here!