Ponderings on The Difference Between a Vocal Artist and a Demo Singer

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What Quality or Qualities Differentiate a Vocal Artist from a Demo Singer?

I propose that the former creates and shares new perspectives generously, vulnerably, displaying ideas which might not work, and the latter sings the notes, and often remains in the safe zone, with less visibility, less accountability.  They’ll give you the notes, but probably won’t give you goosebumps.

My Approach

I personally prefer to be on the hook for helping create something amazing, something that resonates, something haunting. I come from a background of musical theatre and songwriting, so my goal is two fold.  First, I work to tell the story I am singing with a strong perspective or style, and second, I work to elevate the materials I’ve been given by using everything in my musical arsenal.  This means I must bring my Self to the art.  I work this way because I know you want me to return to you something better than what you have already presented to me. And I bring my Self because my artistic spirit needs to play.

Integrity with Bravery

I do have a respect for retaining the integrity of my clients’ work at the core of what I do, however I don’t always play it safe. I love listening intently to what you have brought to the song, and then I allow my intuition and skillset to find places where I can add that je ne sais quoi to your music that keeps listeners coming back for replays.  Sometimes I will add new musical sections into interludes, or utilize interesting vocal tones… And creating backing vocal arrangements is a deeply creative pleasure for me that can lend entire new levels to a song.

And Now the vocal is “Art”

I call these deviations from the specified notes and direction, “art”.  It is the subjective part of what I do that may work well for some people’s taste, and not so well for others. That is simply a result of the practice of artistic musical creation.

Your Prerogative… 

When you receive your vocal files from me, you may choose to mute, filter, alter, or even put this new material right up front in the mix of your song – and that is your prerogative. We both know that you could attain “simply the notes”, from one of countless Demo singers on the web – but you’ve come to me. Thank you for allowing me to deliver some of my artistry into your projects in 2021, in the years prior, and in the future, my fellow music lover.

In Gratitude & Appreciation,

Happy New Year!! I welcome you to create more goosebump-raising music with me.

Peace & Blessings,