How The Process Works

Your music, her voice. One planet, connected.

Thanks to the internet, we can now make music with one another, no matter where we are on planet Earth. Racquel has a simple online system that makes managing your project with her a breeze.

Once you’ve selected the service you like and placed your order, you will be sent a link to your new Project in Basecamp where you will be prompted to upload your files for Racquel. Basecamp is an easy way for us to share files, and communication. Simply log in, type, and drag and drop files.

You will submit your Vocal Sketch, Lyrics, and an Instrumental. It is recommended that you send your Vocal Sketch to Racquel to check what key your song will sound best in, for her vocal instrument.

Racquel will log into Basecamp, grab the files you posted, and create your ProTools session. If necessary, key transposition happens at this point. If the key is good, Racquel will put you into her calendar and sing your song. Usually she will begin within 2 to 3 business days. Racquel generally takes two studio days to work on a song.

Once she’s done singing, Racquel will upload your Vocal Preview and Raw WAV files. You review the song, and decide if you need any Modifications. If so, let Racquel know in Basecamp and she will make the change, re-uploading your new files. If no changes are needed, let Racquel know you love it! Project complete.

If you are ready to hire Racquel as a collaborator on your musical project, click here  to view prices and begin the process! Vocals ordered from Racquel are royalty free. Songs ordered are on a Work For Hire basis unless otherwise specified.